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We are a pool of international intradisciplinary freelancing experts providing a wider prospective to our client and their project. This method of working provides our clients with a high value proposition in that it brings a collective global prospective to each project. Moreover, working exclusively through freelancers, our teams are scalable and are tailored to each project resulting in both agility and a reduced end-cost. Collaborating intensely, we bring to you our clients, personal passion, quality design, and strong business practices within: BUSINESS ADVISORY Tailored development services designed to help our clients to face the challenges in their respective industry. BRAND AND IDENTITY Full-service “leave it to us” in branding, marketing, and product development that allows our clients can focus on their core business operation. SOLUTION Get the benefits of large ERP applications scaled to meeting smaller company needs, as well and Mobile application and E-commerce.
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sales increase customer attraction long-term contracts
SIMAS ŠUMINSKAS founder Simas holds his ground in companty essentials & it's perspective. Multipotent in creative techniques & skills. GUODA KUČINSKAITĖ finance & production manager Guoda is in charge of entrepreneurial part of our team. She loves taking parts in production & gets her kicks delegating duties. MIGLĖ KIRKLYTĖ art director Miglė is visionary & creative more she can admit. Highly intuitive and profound in aesthetics. omlet house productions 2021
We are a filming and branding consulting company. We strive to understand our clients, while providing timeless recognizable brand and robust business strategies. At the core of our studio lies a process that blends creative design with lean business strategic application. Our mission is to evolve with the needs of each project, its place in the market, and the ever-changing needs of real people. THE BRAND Check out our latest projects